20161126-_mg_3234Nate Craddock is a writer, composer, and public theologian in Northern Virginia. He works professionally in vocational rehabilitation services for differently abled adults and writes about spiritual formation in the context of his own journey to integration. Or tries to, at least.

Nate likes dogs, beards, beer, boots, baking, and Beyoncé. Nate holds an MDiv from Asbury Theological Seminary, [most of] an MA in historical musicology from the University of Kentucky, and a BA in music composition from Asbury University. He’s a church mutt and an ordained Old Catholic priest who did a CPE unit in the psychiatric unit of a community hospital, and right now he serves as a pinch-hitter pastoral assistant at Hope United Church of Christ (where he is also working on transferring his ordination to the UCC).

Nate lifts weights, writes music, and reads dead languages for fun when not working. Nate lives in Manassas, VA with his husband Michael and their Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Calvin. Nate and Michael will be going to the University of Kentucky in the fall of 2017 to be perpetual students; while Michael pursues a PhD in Psychology, Nate will be mastering Classics to become a heckin good Latinist & Latin teacher.

When Nate grows up—he is twenty-eight and feels fifty-five as it is—he wants to be a teacher and pastor simultaneously and also write chamber operas.

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